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Capabilities: Expertise In Lubrication Applications and Marketing

Lubrication of heavy duty, high performance engines and equipment is the fundamental area of our institutional knowledge and expertise. A full range of field testing and oil analysis equipment, maintenence supplies and consumables, sampling kits, and retained sample bottles are available through DSI.

In addition, our product offering is further enhanced by being the distributor in the Americas for Parker Kittiwake

We apply expertise to solve problems and add value across lubricant operations and marketing projects. DSI welcomes the opportunity to respond to emerging business challenges, which has resulted in our continued growth and success.

What are DSI's Capabilities?

  • Valuable lubrication expertise and institutional knowledge.
  • Wide product offering of oil and fuel analysis and field testing equipment.
  • Access to a variety of rapid, reliable and cost effective transportation serving the global marketplace.
  • Reliable, proficient staff and consultant pool dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • Strong financial base for core business and developing markets.
  • Solid long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

DSI can assure your business of continued service based on our 35 years of experience, proven performance and customer loyalty. We look forward to serving you!


A talented pool of petroleum industry consultants are available to work on special projects when current employees are involved in day to day business and/or their experience level is not sufficient to accomplish the objective.

Examples of projects include:

  • Analysis of available services in the market.
  • Technical support and development of technical programs.
  • Routine data collection.
  • Research and Engineering.
  • Setup of marketing displays.
  • Supply chain improvements using Continuous Improvement Tools (like Lean Six Sigma.)


DSI is able to provide background checks as well as drug and alcohol testing when required for contractors.