Product Name Item # Description
Mobil Serv EasySHIP Water-in-Oil Reagent  DS-K2-101-EM  Non-Hazmat reagent used in all DSI and Mobil Serv Kits that contain the EasySHIP test for Water-in-Oil. 
Mobil Serv TBN Reagent Pack  DS-K2-002-EM  TBN Reagent pack used with the Mobil Serv DIGI Combined Test Cell, also contained in the Mobil Serv EasySHIP Field Analysis Kit and Onboard Test Kit. 
Mobil Serv DIGI Cell Spares Pack  DS-K13563-EM  Replacement polythene gloves, syringes, scissors, tweezers and rubber O-rings that are used with the Mobil Serv DIGI Test Cell kit. 
Millipore Filter Pads  DS-02A  8.0 microns, 4 boxes of 25 pads each. Use with tests for hard particle contamination in Hydraulic oil. 
Kittiwake EasySHIP Reagents  contact DSI  EasySHIP reagents that decrease the hazardous nature of Kittiwake tests and reduce associated shipping costs. 
Flourescent Dye - 1 quart  DS-K13-YQ  Use with the DSI Leak Detection Kits.