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32 oz Metal Round Container

Product Number: DS-8840

32 oz Metal Round Container Data Sheet

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32 ounce / 0.95 liter liquid tin plated containers have a 2.0 inch or 50.8mm filling aperture on the flat top of the container. The tinplate containers are suitable for many liquids, including lubricating oils and also products with a low viscosity such as solvents, thinners, wood-stains and cleaning products. In addition to this, liquid tinplate packaging is perfectly suited for safe transport and storage of hazardous materials. This tinplate packaging is of a cylindrical shape, meaning that the body is straight and does not taper inwards. Also include an inner seal for redundancy and protection against leakage.


Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • 2 in. metal screw top with inner wax carton seal.
  • Internal coating possible.
  • Long life stability and durability.
  • Container can be branded with name or logo.


  • Oil Analysis Programs.
  • Retained Batch Oil Samples at Lube Blending Plants, Lubricant Distributors, Laboratories, Marine Vessels, Industrial Plants and Food Processing for quality and specification verification.
  • Numerous other applications involving the storage of liquid samples.

Typical Properties

  • Height 7.25 inches, 184.2 mm
  • Diameter 3.50 inches, 88.9 mm
  • Weight 4.0 oz, 125 grams

Health & Safety


Exercise caution when handling hot liquids or highly corrosive materials.



The information contained herein is subject to change without notification. Typical properties may vary slightly.

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