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DSI Bearing Diagnostics Unit

Product Number: DS-K200

For testing: Bearing Condition

Bearing Diagnostics Unit Data Sheet

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​The DSI Bearing Diagnostic Unit is a state-of-the-art Condition Monitoring instrument that aids the detection of mechanically deteriorated bearings in operating machinery with extreme sensitivity by utilizing a well-established and unique approach to signal processing. It can also identify problems involving inadequate lubrication or lubricant contamination.

The rugged, hand-held unit detects the high frequency Acoustic Emissions (AE) signals which are naturally generated by processes such as impacts, crushing and friction in failing rotating equipment. By detecting only the high frequency part of the signal with the special AE sensors, it is possible to detect very small amounts of activity such as a brief impact or the crushing of a single particle in a lubricant.

Simply attach the unit with the magnetic sensor head and within 10 seconds, both dB Level and Distress values ("OK", "Suspect" or "Poor") will be displayed. The dB Level is an indication of the overall noise level of the bearing and is dependent on speed of rotation, but the value also increases with the degradation of the bearing or inadequate lubrication. Distress gives an instant indication of the state of the bearing's health.  A reading below 10 generally indicates normal operation and higher than 10 is usually indicative of bearing damage or the need for attention. These readings provide insight into the planning of future repair actions.

Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • Last measurement recall held in memory, excellent measurement repeatability​
  • Simple one-handed operation with easy attachment by magnetic front-face sensor head
  • Rechargeable through USB port
  • Rugged construction


  • Bearings, gearboxes, motors and pumps

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