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DSI Grease Flow Test Kit

Today’s superior heavy-duty and extended service greases are designed to resist being forced out of critical lubrication points under high loads, vibration or water wash.

These beneficial properties also make these greases more difficult to pump through long pipes and hose reels.

Low pressure or low flow can result in under-lubrication and premature equipment wear or failures. Therefore, it is essential to keep grease-dispensing equipment in proper operating condition at all times.

The GFTK User Manual guides the user through an analysis of dispensing systems, provides target values for the four critical performance criteria, suggests corrective actions if needed and includes recommendations for cost-effective greasing service.

Contents of the Kit in a rigid molded case includes GFTK tester, digital scale (0 to 16 ounces), plastic cups and User Manual.


Features, Advantages & Benefits:

The DSI Grease Flow Test Kit measures four critical performance criteria of grease dispensing systems:

  • Maximum pressure at the grease gun with no flow
  • Grease gun flow capacity through a calibration orifice
  • Grease gun back pressure with no restriction
  • Unrestricted grease gun flow


  • Field Testing and Analysis Programs

Evaluation and optimization of grease dispensing equipment with the GFTK will ensure that each grease point can receive the correct amount of grease at sufficient pressure and flow rate.


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