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Kittiwake ECON Tests

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For testing: Oil Insolubles, Salt, TAN, Viscosity of Oil





Identify and Resolve Lubrication Problems

Kittiwake's range of standard and customised oil test kits are designed to provide fast, accurate and consistent analytical information about lubricant condition. The ability to test on-site at the point of use enables engineers and facilities managers to conduct sample screening quickly and easily, detecting out-of-spec lubricants and identifying potential problems before they become critical.


ECON Tests

Entry level and very economical tests, providing qualitative results. Available parameters cover Insolubles, Salt, AN (Acid Number, formerly Total Acid Number TAN) and Viscosity. Replacement packs of the non-hazardous Kittiwake EasySHIP Reagents for the Salt test are available and include all the neccessary consumables.


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