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Mobil Serv Glycol Detection Kit

Product Number: DS-K14585-EM

For testing: Glycol

Glycol Detection Kit Data Sheet

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The Mobil ServSM Glycol Detection Kit will easily and quickly verify suspected ethylene or propylene glycol contamination in all types of conventional and synthetic engine and transmission oils. It will detect minute traces of glycol, even at less than 0.01% or 100 ppm.

Glycol is a very effective and economical solution used to prevent freeze-ups and corrosion of cooling systems. It is by far the most widely used anti-freeze.

But if glycol leaks into a crankcase or transmission, it decomposes rapidly, leaving objectionable deposits on bearings, rings, pistons, cams and any oil-wet surfaces. These undetected deposits can cause engine or transmission components to seize leading to failures, requiring expensive dismantling, manual cleaning and costly overhauls.

With this on-the-spot kit, you can prevent expensive damage and downtime by locating and correcting defective O-rings and gaskets, and cracked heads and oils coolers before major damage occurs.

The Glycol Detection Kit contains clippers, droppers, glycol test reagents, standard solution for positive sample recognition and a User Guide.

Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • Self-contained carrying test box.
  • Easy to use reagents indicate color change with the presence of contaminate.
  • 25 tests can be performed with the kit.


  • Field testing of lubricants.


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