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Kittiwake Oil Test Centre

Product Number: FG-K1-100-KW

For testing: Oil Insolubles, TAN, TBN, Viscosity of Oil, Water in Fuel, Water in Oil




The OTC is a rugged, self-contained Oil Test Lab for key oil quality parameters covering Viscosity, Water, BN (formerly TBN), AN (formerly TAN) and Insolubles. Initially developed for military use*, the OTC is a popular choice for remote facilities needing accurate analysis results but with no practical recourse to traditional laboratory facilities. Capabilities of the OTC are often extended by combination with the ANALEX fdMplus or pqF for supporting ferrous wear monitoring.

An electronic on-site NATO* approved test capability for high-value critical assets such as military ships, mines and remote power plants, supplied in a military spec portable metal or roller case, the OTC provides near laboratory accuracy for critical lubricant parameters of:

  • Viscosity, heated or unheated 20-500 cSt @ 40oC
  • Water - 0-3000, 0-6000ppm, 0-1%, 0-2.5%
  • BN - 0-90
  • Insolubles - 0-2.5%
  • AN - 0-3, 0-6

The ability to analyze oil on-site, at the point of use, enables you to conduct oil tests quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels or lubricants can identify potential problems before equipment damage occurs. Choose from a range of equipment and parameters to use individually or combine into a single Oil Analysis Suite. Now available with the EasySHIP class reagents. A rugged design, suitable for long term use in harsh environments, the equipment is simple to use and ideal for operation by non-technical personnel. Often also supplied with ANALEX fdMplus for additional wear metals screening.

  • Fast accurate results for multiple oil analysis parameters, typical two minute test time.
  • Available with Kittiwake standard and EasySHIP reagent chemistries.
  • Make informed on-site maintenance decisions and act before the onset of critical failure.


Go to for more information about Oil Test Centre configurations and available reagents.


* NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization. OTC's are used by many NATO navies and carry NATO stock classification  for complete kits, spares and reagents.


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