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Mobil Serv Water-in-Oil Test Kit

Product Number: DS-K1-101-EM

For testing: Water in Fuel, Water in Oil

Water-in-Oil Test Kit Data Sheet

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In the Water-in-Oil mode, the DIGI Cell will easily and quickly test for water in all types of conventional and synthetic hydraulic, circulating, transmission and gear oils. May also be used to test for water in fuels and other petroleum-based fluids. Not suitable for testing for water in phosphate ester based fluids.

Features, Advantages & Benefits:

This kit uses a Mobil ServSM non-HAZMAT Reagent for Water-in-Oil tests. The advantage of the new non-HAZMAT Reagent is much lower shipping costs, portability and ease of use in the field. The kit also includes a step-by-step Users Guide.


  • Oil Analysis Programs.
  • Field testing of lubricants.
  • Retained Batch Oil Samples at Lube Blending Plants, Lubricant Distributors, Laboratories, Marine Vessels, Industrial Plants and Food Processing for quality and specification verification.
  • Numerous other applications involving the storage of liquid samples.

Specifications & Qualifications:

  • Ranges: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20% and 200 to 10,000 ppm. Test Time: 2 minutes


Older DIGI Cells designed for Reagent A (Hazmat) will not work with the new non-HAZMAT Water-in-Oil Reagent.

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