DSI Team Contacts

Office Hours: Mon–Fri, 9:00am–5:00pm ET

Fred McCain - President
(703) 819-2006, fred.mccain@dsi-ltd.com

Tom Durst - Executive Vice-President

Emilio Lopez - Executive Vice-President
(571) 441-3467, emilio.lopez@dsi-ltd.com

Larry Larson - VP and Marketing Director
For sales and marketing programs for marine, industrial and military applications.

(571) 441-3473, larry.larson@dsi-ltd.com

Anne Marie Ochoco - General Manager
(571) 441-3466, annemarie.ochoco@dsi-ltd.com

Carol Wattawa - Inside Sales Representative
For inquiries about Kittiwake products, government sales and new business development.
(571) 441-3469, carol.wattawa@dsi-ltd.com

Cherry Codera - Senior Sales Associate
For inquiries on ExxonMobil branded products and DSI product sales to general trade.
(571) 441-3470, cherry.codera@dsi-ltd.com

Daniel Baither - Marketing Support
For assistance with order processing and support to the sales and marketing group.  
(571) 441-3471, daniel.baither@dsi-ltd.com

Naldo Mendez - Logistics Coordinator
For global logistics and order handling. 
(571) 441-3475, naldo.mendez@dsi-ltd.com 

Harold Mendez - Warehouse Manager
For receiving, warehousing and inventory.

(571) 441-3472, harold.mendez@dsi-ltd.com 

Bruce Pyle - Accounting and Payables Manager

Chuck Coe - Technical Advisor
For technical, manufacturing and application inquiries around grease technology.
(703) 589-3308, chuck.coe@dsi-ltd.com

Contact info@dsi-ltd.com to request product pricing and ordering information.

Main Phone: (703) 996-8142
             Fax: (703) 996-8143