Our Products: Oil Testing, Fuel Testing & More

DSI provides high quality tools and supplies for the on-site field testing of lubrication oils and fuels. Our products are included in a wide range of available Mobil Serv℠ oil testing kits. The sample bottles (4-oz, 16-oz and 32-oz), bottle mailers and large metal containers (32-oz and 1-gal) meet the needs of oil analysis labs, lubricant suppliers and distributors, and marine, contractor and industrial companies.

DSI also provides a state-of-the art Bearing Diagnostic Unit that aids the detection of mechanically deteriorated bearings in operating machinery with extreme sensitivity. 

An extensive series of test kits developed specifically for use by ExxonMobil's global Lubricants and Specialties field marketing personnel and their customers. These kits test many key parameters of conventional and synthetic lubricating oils. The on-site Field Analysis Test Kit and Field Industrial Oil Analysis Kit feature the Combined Water-TBN DIGI Cell that uses a new non-hazmat reagent for the Water-in-Oil test. Advantages of the non-hazmat reagent is much lower shipping costs, improved portability, and ease of use in the field.

Other specialized kits are available for testing individual oil parameters and fuel quality. These kits include Leak DetectionHydraulic Particle inspection and classification, Grease Flow optimization (i.e. of hose reel and hand gun greasing systems), Glycol contamination and Viscosity measurement.

Kittiwake's DIGI Cell and ECON oil analysis tests and the comprehensive Oil Test Centre are for on-site monitoring of fuel and lubrication oils including bunker fuel sampling, diesel engines and power plants. Critical test parameters include viscosity, density, insolubles, TBN, TAN, water-in-oil and hydraulic particles.

Kittiwake’s oil analysis products use EasySHIP chemical reagents to test the oil. These will be consumed and need replacement. The Reagent Packs contain everything that you will need for each test.

Kittiwake produces a complete range of sample bottles, labels and mailing cartons for storage and safe transportation of bunker fuel samples. Larger capacity 5-litre Cubitainers hold the fuel sample before mixing and transfer to the sample bottles while keeping out all external contamination.

DSI is an authorized distributor in the Americas for Parker | Kittiwake products.